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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

I still can't understand why they did state that Kes was difficult to write for.

In season 1, Kes had as much part of the action as Kim, Neelix, The Doctor and maybe Tuvok . In season 2, she was the main character in 2 episode and played a very important role in seven others which is more than Kim and Neelix achieved. In season 3 she as the main character in 2 episodes and played an important role in at leas 4 episode which is more than what Kim had and probably more than Neelix. Add to that that Taylor's "difficulties" to write for Kes didn't include her own books.

Not to mention that if an amateur like me can come up with decent (and appreciated ) Kes stories, then I expect the same from professional writers.
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