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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

doubleohfive wrote: View Post
I don't really need it, but I got a special thinks in the liner notes so I just ordered the new re-release of the score from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.
As good a reason as any.

ares93 wrote: View Post
And i haven't seen my girlfriend in three days. So god only knows what color her hair is. Last i saw her, she had chocolate brown hair with dark blue highlights. A month earlier, she was blonde...

I give up...
You wanted the hot pink shade with purple highlights, right?

Special offer at the tailor, so ordered a couple of pairs of odd trousers: one in a charcoal grey flannel, the other in a blue-grey (not dissimilar to "RAF blue") tweed. They're going to replace 2 older odd pairs of trousers (a mid-brown herringbone flannel and a dark green flannel) in my wardrobe that don't fit me quite how I'd like and in the case of the green have definitely seen better days.
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