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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

Dream wrote: View Post
It is so OBVIOUS that after turning Watson female, the writers will eventually have her have a romantic relationship with Holmes in a later season. That pretty much happens with nearly all cop shows with male and female leads. Makes me puke just thinking about it.

Holmes and Watson is also the biggest bromance in history. If they going to turn Watson into some asian woman, they might as well give the show a different name.
If this show were on the CW, the two leads could be male, and there could be plenty of slashy subtext, it fact it would be mandatory. But the leads would also be 30 year old actors who look 20 and would look like Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder.

Every channel has its own audience and things it must do to please that audience. I suspect the overlap between CBS viewers and TrekBBS habitues is close to zero. So the fact that people are bitching about it, is really missing the point. They aren't making this show for us.

And the name is the same idea as nuBSG - just slap a well-known brand on your show so that the bean-counters will be mollified and the show will be greenlit. Then do whatever the frak you want with it (within the constraints of what is possible on the channel the show is on - in CBS' case, those constraints are stricter than most.)

I guess that's why the complaints seem so familiar. The GINO crowd was pretty pisssed at RDM once upon a time, too. But in their case, they had some reason for their ire. There can only be one BSG show on at any given time, because somebody owns the copyright and has to approve it.

But Sherlock Holmes has long since passed into the public domain, so CBS's version doesn't prevent any other version that might appear. Nothing is being lost, except for a CBS timeslot, and we all know they're not going to do anything interesting with their timeslots anyway.
They changed Starbuck into a female, but her character still resembles the one from the original series somewhat.
You should go talk with the GINO crowd so you can see yourself in a mirror. They insisted that Starbuck MUST be male the same way you're insisting that Watson MUST be British. There's no artistic validity to an attitude like that.

However, Christopher is being extremely naive in assuming that CBS is making these changes in the interest of creating something with artistic validity. If HBO were doing it, yeah, sure. But I'd bet serious money that CBS changed Watson's gender exactly for the reasons Dream suspects.

And they changed his/her nationality, not to mention moved the action to New York, because do you really think CBS is going to go film a show in London? Hello, BUDGET! Plus their audience would prefer to watch a show with mainly American characters, since that is what they are used to.

CBS knows its business. These changes are in the interests of commerce, not art, and have bupkis to do with any of us or what we want.
You do realize this is American network television we're talking about here? If theres a lazy way to tell a story, you can bet they'll jump on it.
It's not lazy at all. It's disciplined and precise, in the same way that McDonald's insistence on total standardization in the food they produce is disciplined and precise, allowing for no variation that might confuse or upset their clientele.

Whether or not you like eating at McDonald's comes down to individual tastes. But you don't become a successful business like McDonald's or CBS by being "lazy." CBS is making Watson female for the same reason as McDonald's isn't going to be making a tofu burger anytime soon. Anyone who wants a male Watson and/or a tofu burger has other options that they are free to pursue.

Out Of My Vulcan Mind wrote: View Post
The BBC has informed CBS that they could sue if there are too many similarities between their respective modern day takes on Sherlock Holmes, so there's a legal and financial impetus for CBS to make their modern take on Holmes as different from the BBC take as possible.
Good point. That alone could justify changing Watson's race and gender (if commercial considerations weren't also impelling that choice.) Ditto for moving the action to New York.

Hound of UIster wrote: View Post
CaptainCanada wrote: View Post
I really don't get the controversy.
It's because it's done by a bunch of greedy American tv executives hoping to cash in on the popularity of Sherlock. We'd have less problems if it was done by the BBC.

Guess homosexual undertones between two males leads is too much for the brain donors running CBS.
You wouldn't have a problem, but you're not a CBS viewer. CBS is assiduously working to give their audience what they want. You can criticize the CBS viewer for being too "stupid" to like what you like, but I'm sure they'd feel the same way about you. I think people are stupid for eating at McDonald's, which serves nasty crap that destroys your health, but I know exactly how much that would count with anyone who likes their Big Mac for lunch every day with a double order of fries.

And if the CBS honchos are stupid, I would love to be that "stupid." They are the most successful broadcast network, in an industry that is going through dire times, which they've achieved by being relentlessly self-disciplined and keeping their eye on the ball. They are laughing all the way to the bank.

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