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^It helps me a lot since I just so happen to have some left over credit on my Amazon account. Knowing my luck though, the N7 wargear promotion won't be available from Amazon. Oh well, no huge loss.

I wonder why the sudden change of vendors? Some falling out between the parent companies or something? For a while there it looked as if Game had an exclusive deal for the N7 edition. I'll give game some credit though as by way of an apology they've given a 5 gift token in the order cancellation email. Not that I'm personally likely to ever use it mind you, but it's a suitable gesture for the minor inconvenience.


Looks like the cause is entirely at Game's end as they've "lost credit assurance with most publishers." For a major high street retailer, that's a rather surprising turn of events...but then so was what happened to Woolworths...

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To date the only real anomalies are the sudden dramatic promotion of a senior NCO to a LtCmdr [...]
Perhaps the Alliance brass felt that such a promotion was warranted after the Council granted Ashley Spectre status.
I doubt Ash would take a charity promotion like that. Not so sure about Kaiden. I think it's more likely that the VS has been groomed as the second human Spectre ever since Shepard was declared KIA. Who knows, maybe Shepard recommended them for it before the Normandy was destroyed? It'd certainly explain why they were working so close with Andersen out of the Citadel, investigating Cerberus and the human Terminus Systems colonies. Especially considering (according to Andersen ) that they hadn't heard the rumours of Shepard's return in the beginning.
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