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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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I wonder how many of us lean towards the Chief's or the Doctor's point of view.
Though my recall of the episode is a little fuzzier than I'd like, my feeling is that Bashir was generally right, that people like him should work to free the Jem'Hadar from the white because that would likely make them more like Goran'Agar. I would imagine that the white probably enhances the Jem'Hadar's already aggressive disposition. (It's what I would do in the Founders' position.)

However, in the context of their situation, O'Brien was definitely right. Bashir and O'Brien needed to work to escape. It was their duty to Starfleet to do so and it was their obligation to those back on the station to do so. Bashir was out of line and O'Brien was right to disobey his orders.

I seem to recall Bashir saying that O'Brien condemned the Jem'Hadar on the planet to die. I disagree. Bashir was not likely to achieve his extremely lofty goal in the time frame available. Bashir's messiah complex simply got in the way of his sense (which we see later on
). It's a definite character flaw for him, and it was interesting to see it explored.

I wonder what side Captain Sisko falls on. The episode doesn't say, right?

And TheGodBen, I totally agree with your review of "Indiscretion." Definitely a lot of unused potential in that second half.

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