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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

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This new Watson from this show will have absolutely NOTHING to do with the one from the books. She isn't an army doctor, isn't male, isn't even British (my biggest complaint). They've changed the character too much. Why call her Watson if her character is completely different from the books?
For someone so fiercely defending the purity of the Holmes canon, your understanding of it is incredibly superficial. The essence of Dr. Watson isn't "white male British army veteran." Those are just surface trappings. The essence of Dr. Watson is Holmes's best and only friend, the only person who can get through Holmes's shell and the only one willing to put up with him, a brave and stalwart ally who has his back no matter what, a person intelligent enough to have Holmes's respect yet still a pupil with much to learn from the master, and a writer who chronicles Holmes's adventures and serves as the audience surrogate. There's absolutely nothing in that requiring the character to be a certain race, nationality, or sex, not in the modern era, anyway.

Out Of My Vulcan Mind wrote: View Post
The BBC has informed CBS that they could sue if there are too many similarities between their respective modern day takes on Sherlock Holmes, so there's a legal and financial impetus for CBS to make their modern take on Holmes as different from the BBC take as possible.
It already sounds pretty different, what with the New York setting, Holmes being in rehab, and Watson being his sobriety coach. And of course it's a good thing to make it distinctive.

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
Anyone else remember An East Wind Coming by Arthur Byron Cover, in which Holmes is an ageless super-being hunting Jack the Ripper through a decadent far-future society?

This sounds positively conservative by comparison!
Sure, and as cited already, Holmes has often been sent into the future by cryogenics or time travel or immortality or whatever, but he's usually still a Victorian man by origin. So having him be of contemporary origin is still fairly unusual.

Although there have been a number of SF stories putting incarnations or pastiches of Holmes into futuristic settings, enough for at least one anthology's worth; I know Asimov wrote at least one of them.
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