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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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I wonder how many of us lean towards the Chief's or the Doctor's point of view.
I'm going to take the lame way out and say that they both raise valid points.

Indiscretion (***)

DUKAT: I'm going to kill my daughter.
KIRA: Don't do that.
DUKAT: No, I'm going to kill her.
KIRA: I wont let you.
DUKAT: But I must. I must kill my daughter.
KIRA: I said no.
DUKAT: I said yes.
KIRA: That's nasty.
DUKAT: That may be, but I'm going to kill her.
KIRA: I still wont let you.
DUKAT: Hey, look over there!
*Dukat runs away*
DUKAT: Where's my daughter? I'm going to kill her.
BREEN: Bzbzbzzbzzbzbzzzbzbzbzbxzb.
DUKAT: I don't care what you think, I'm going to kill her.
BREEN: Bzzzbzbzbzbzzzzbzbzbzbzbzzzbzbbbzbzbzbzbzbzzb.
DUKAT: Well put, but I'm going to kill her anyway, now where is she?
ZIYAL: Father?
DUKAT: Ziyal! Good. Stand still for a second while I take aim.
ZIYAL: No, father! Don't kill me! I'm your daughter!
DUKAT: But I have to kill you.
KIRA: Dukat! I wont let you kill her!
ZIYAL: Listen to her, father, she seems smart.
DUKAT: No, I've decided to kill you and there's nothing more to be said.
ZIYAL: Please?
DUKAT: Oh alright, you can live.
KIRA: Good, now let's all get some ice cream.
That's an abbreviated version of the second half of this episode, the actual episode is just longer and more repetitious. That's my problem with this episode, the first half goes by well enough and promises to be a great adventure where two characters that hate each other must spend time together, but the second half focuses on a plot point that we all know is only going to end up one way. As dark as DS9 is compared to the other Trek series, the show still isn't going to let a father kill his own child for his own selfish reasons, that's just not Star Trek. They may allow his protégé to kill his daughter in front of his eyes as a sick twist on his absolutist sense of justice, but they'd never allow him to kill her with his own hands. Hell, even Tony Soprano wouldn't be capable of such a heartless act and he once considered smothering his mother with a pillow. This episode was always going to end with Dukat developing a conscience and letting his daughter live, which is why it's more than a little grating that the second half of the episode focused so much on that non-conflict.

But I did like the first half of the episode, especially the scenes on the runabout. I think Kira says it exactly right, Bajor and Cardassia may become friends in the future, but she will never be friends with Dukat. I wish the episode had focused more on that sort of thing.

Meanwhile, Sisko has relationship problems. Some say that DS9 is like a soap opera in space and I guess it's plots like this that give that impression. Personally, I like plots like this because it reminds us that these are supposed to be real people with lives outside of their jobs. It's interesting seeing Sisko experiencing a complicated moment with his girlfriend and then watching him walk through Ops, you realise there's more important things going on in his mind than Cardassians, Klingons, and looming interstellar war. Avery does act a bit crazy in this one though, which is a bit understandable as I also play up my crazy side when I'm in uncomfortable situations. Actually, watching DS9 when I was young might be the reason why. Dear lord, is it possible that my weirdness stems from having Sisko as something of a role model? Suddenly my life makes so much sense...
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