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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

Tactical Officer Holl'i turned quickly as she read off what the computer terminal was telling her, knowing the admiral would want to know as quickly as possible. "Admiral, sensors are picking up..."

"Yes, I know." Admiral Alexander frowned as he stood up from the centre chair. "The Borg."

"Orders Admiral?" Helmsman Mel asked curiously.

"Set course," Admiral Alexander said simply, tugging at his uniform to adjust it from where he'd been sitting comfortably.

"For the armada?" Helmsman Mel asked curiously.

"Don't be stupid," Admiral Alexander barked out a laugh. "Wrigley's pleasure planet of course."

"Admiral, I must object!" Chief Engineer G'fokk glared over.

"Oh?" Admiral Alexander raised an eyebrow over at the huge Klingon.

"Risa is only seven hours from our current location," G'Fokk informed him with a toothy grin. "The seasonal swimsuit competition is said to be, interesting."

"Well, by all means," Admiral Alexander grinned back. "Set course for Risa, and make sure the replicators have enough swimsuits ready for the crew." He smiled, sitting back in the captains chair. "Oh, and someone turn those damn flares of, seriously, who's idea was it to blind everyone on the bridge anyway?" He sighed before getting comfortable for the trip.

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