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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

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This new Watson from this show will have absolutely NOTHING to do with the one from the books. She isn't an army doctor, isn't male, isn't even British (my biggest complaint). They've changed the character too much. Why call her Watson if her character is completely different from the books?
Why not wait and see the series and see what she has in common with the books? She's a doctor and she's Holmes' sidekick. Her chemistry and dynamic with him is much more important than her past.

They changed Starbuck into a female, but her character still resembles the one from the original series somewhat.
Leaving aside the fact that the original Starbuck wasn't as self-destructive as his female successor and leaving aside the fact that many fans went mental at this announcement, as did the original actor. Not to mention that they changed Boomer's sex, changed his/ her race, made her a Cylon. And that all worked out pretty well, if you ask me.

The BBC Sherlock brought Watson to the modern era, but his character is pretty much the same from the books. Meanwhile the Watson in the recent movies played by Jude Law is probably my favorite Watson. I don't have any problems when it is done well, but I can't see this show turning out that way.
Law's Watson and Freeman's Watson are quite different from the versions played by Nigel Bruce or Edward Hawdwicke. The Watson of the books is described as a small thin man with a moustache. Robert Downey Junior is very different from the tall thin man with a hawklike profile, which is how Holmes is described.

This show may not turn out well, you may be right. But deviating from how past versions have depicted the legend doesn't automatically mean bad.
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