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Can I just bitch for a second about people who give up pets once it becomes inconvenient? I know that there are some legitimate cases where people have to part with their pets. We have had one of those situations on the board recently. But there are SO MANY people on Craigslist trying to give up their pets to someone else and it makes me so angry. It also detracts from those loving owners who really can't give their pets a home any more and are heartbroken about it.

I know that I don't really know what people are going through but there is no way all of these people suddenly can't handle having a pet anymore. It's a commitment! Ugh. I wish I could take all of the kitties in.
I completely agree. I would never have gotten a cat if I didn't plan on making it a life (well, her life anyway) long commitment. Any time I've moved, I've made sure the place was pet-friendly. If it wasn't pet-friendly, it immediately got cut from my list. Pets aren't hobbies.
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