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Re: STAR TREK: PHASE II "Kitumba" Sneak Peek

andriech wrote: View Post
Yes, the "sneak peak" was for a very brief time only. Sorry if you missed it!

It was a very rough edit done by one of the crew, not our pros, and neither the bright/dark setting on their computer, continuity, nor even following the script was particularly paid attention to...but James wanted to give people a taste of the episode despite those flaws.

Wait till you see the fixed edit... not to mention the final one!!
Speaking of this, I heard that there is going to be a reshoot and recast for "Kitumba." Is that true? If so, what part is being recast and why? Why the reshoot?

andriech wrote: View Post
Ah, The Child's lighting on the bridge in the teaser.....

ahem, this is going to cause a lot of debate, but...

... the director asked for the lights to be dimmer than usual to indicate that it was the night shift.

People will agree or disagree with his choice, but it was a creative one rather than our lighting team's error.

Yet the bridge is still dark in act one as well. In act one, the actors' faces are often obscured in shadow whenever they talk near the science/library computer station, particularly Brandon Stacy (Spock) and Jonathan Zungre (Chekov). It was three days later (from the teaser) ... do those bridge scenes also take place during the night shift? Or is it the day shift?

However, the murkiness of the lighting also extends to the sickbay scenes as well, not just the bridge. Was this also a creative choice on Jon Povill's part?

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