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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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I don't understand why fans think just because you post your opinions on Youtube, you suddenly become a credible and quotable source. sFdebris' opinions are no more credible than Snooki from Jersey Shore giving a review of Star Trek.
I don't understand why you think you can quantify quotability. If someone says something you like or agree with, and the quote is relevant to the present, then that person is quotable. Publishing your thoughts publicly, such as on Youtube, absolutely does make you quotable.

As for credibility, you were doing good until you mentioned Snooki. As I'm reasonably sure that sfdebris is more familiar with the material than her, it's definitely false that her opinions would be as credible.
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Fair or not, fame as a respected reviewer translates to credibility.

So in other words;if I posted my opinions/reviews on Youtube, you'd kiss my ass and hold what I say in higher regards than others?

Good to know.
I think I'll change my screen name and post of Youtube from now on.

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so I guess Roger Ebert's movie reviews are no more credible than Janet Smith's from Boise, Idaho, either.
Ebert earned his credibility to all in his business by having a degree in journalism. Ebert has first hand experience and insight because he actually learned his craft via the educational system. Someone that earned their career though proper education should mean something over someone that does it as a hobby.

I'm not sure who you're arguing with here, but it's not with me. I never said that I "kiss Chuck's ass," just that he's a respected internet viewer with a respectable following. If you posted reviews that are as thoughtful and smart as his, and get the reputation that he has, I'd respect that, too. As it is, you just come off as jealous of the guy and his following.

As for Ebert's credentials, I'm pretty sure Chuck's a very well-educated guy, both formal and informal. I get that impression from his articulate reviews, and also, he refers to his level of education periodically. (He doesn't come out and say "I have a degree in theoretical physics from X university," but I'm reasonably sure he's as educated as Ebert, probably more so)
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