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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

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So as with every other objection you've raised, you're dead wrong and far too narrow-minded in your assumptions. There are plenty of ways for men and women to relate to each other besides the romantic or sexual, and luckily there are plenty of television creators who understand that far better than you do.
Off the top of my head, we had X-Files, Bones, Castle, and Chuck. This is something I've noticed more and more with recent new shows. I can't see the writers not resist the urge to make it romance.

Good grief, you actually think the race of the actor matters? Where the hell are you posting from, the 1950s?
This new Watson from this show will have absolutely NOTHING to do with the one from the books. She isn't an army doctor, isn't male, isn't even British (my biggest complaint). They've changed the character too much. Why call her Watson if her character is completely different from the books?

They changed Starbuck into a female, but her character still resembles the one from the original series somewhat.

The BBC Sherlock brought Watson to the modern era, but his character is pretty much the same from the books. Meanwhile the Watson in the recent movies played by Jude Law is probably my favorite Watson. I don't have any problems when it is done well, but I can't see this show turning out that way.
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