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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

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It is so OBVIOUS that after turning Watson female, the writers will eventually have her have a romantic relationship with Holmes in a later season. That pretty much happens with nearly all cop shows with male and female leads.
No, it really doesn't. I've never known it to happen in CSI or CSI:NY, and it certainly didn't happen in Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Or broadening the parameters beyond cop shows, there's Warehouse 13, which features a male-female agent duo, and it's been made very clear that Pete and Myka think of each other as brother and sister and would never be romantically involved. Same with The Middleman, where the title character was portrayed as a surrogate father figure for his female sidekick; the show's creator did a weekly online Q&A, and whenever a fan suggested "shipping" MM and Wendy, the creator reacted in disgust to a suggestion he considered incestuous.

So as with every other objection you've raised, you're dead wrong and far too narrow-minded in your assumptions. There are plenty of ways for men and women to relate to each other besides the romantic or sexual, and luckily there are plenty of television creators who understand that far better than you do.

Holmes and Watson is also the biggest bromance in history. If they going to turn Watson into some asian woman, they might as well give the show a different name.
Good grief, you actually think the race of the actor matters? Where the hell are you posting from, the 1950s?
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