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Re: *~Enter : DS9 Avatar Contest 161!!

Episode: "Hobo A. Bum is the name. Can you spare a strip of latinum?"

DS9 Theme: If one of the cast had to be a crazed madman out to destroy the world, I think we all agree it's got to be Sisko. I don't think Avery Brooks is actually out to destroy the world as part of a vicious and zany scheme, but if he wanted to convince me he was, I'm sure he could.

Random Theme: "The problem faced by the Mongols, the Romans, the British, the Klingons, the Centauri and other empires is that, despite an enviable desire to rule things and a strong sense of superiority, they lacked the ability to spontaneously set things on fire using spiritual magic. The Fire Nation has no such shortcoming. Our imperial campaign will have no unforseen consequences at all!"

The seeds of the ORDERS OF DISCORDIA were planted by Greyface into his early disciples. They form the skeleton of the Aneristic Movement, which over-emphasizes the Principle of Order and is antagonistic to the necessary compliment.

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