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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Just watched Hyppocratic Oath and it was alright, one of those myeh episodes... But at least we learnt more about the Jem'Hadar...

I think in this episode the Jem'Hadar were not so much humanized and more fleshed out. In other words they are more than the killing machines they portrayed to be. They are still killing machines but between each other they interact in an almost human way; they talk of trusting each other and serving the collective good of the unit. I would not say they have friendships but there is a repetoire to them that goes beyond mindless automatons. Episodes like this only serve to highlight the evil of the Dominion, since it is not the invincible organization/state it was first portrayed to be but one that is very ruthless and as inherent flaws.

It just shows how cold and ruthless the Founders are and tells you that if that is the way they treat their own soldiers, imagine being a subject to them (Founders). This episode was let down by a somewhat stupid main plot and dialogue. O'Brien going from hating and distrusting the Jem'Hadar with his guts to sympathising with the First as he sets off to kill his unit is a bit odd. If anything the First's actions show how crazy and brutal the Jem'Hadar are and how it validates O'Brien's point that they cannot change.

Giving how extreme the Jem'Hadar are, I don't think either Bashir's or O'Brien's viewpoints were extreme. An extreme race will spawn some extreme opinions in my view.
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