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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

Hmm, the pilot's written by Robert J. Doherty? He was a writer-producer on Voyager's final season or so and worked on some good episodes (such as "Riddles" and "Life Line") and some bad ones (such as "Tsunkatse" and "Q2"), and some in between. He also worked on Tru Calling, which got better over time. Kinda hard to draw any conclusions, but he doesn't stand out in my experience as a great talent. (I never watched Medium, the show he's apparently most associated with.)

The premise has some interesting angles to it, though. So Holmes is in rehab and Watson is his "sober companion," which I would guess means sort of a watchdog to keep him from falling off the wagon. That could add an interesting dynamic to their relationship. And if she's lost her license, that would explain how she has the time to tag along solving mysteries.

We have kind of an excess of shows about NYPD detectives already, but if it's handled right -- particularly if it's shot in NYC and uses writers who know the city and its culture -- there could be some interesting stories to tell about unleashing Sherlock Holmes on the Big Apple. For instance, how well would his vaunted observational skills work when he's placed in an unfamiliar culture and can't read all the subtle behavioral and environmental cues as easily as he can in London? He might need Watson as a native guide/interpreter, which would help make her a more equal partner.
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