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Harry Potter

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I think HP has had the closest cultural impact to Star Wars. In terms of public consciousness, interest in each installment and range of merchandising it feels the closest to me of any franchise.
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Do people still talk about Potter though? I'm asking genuinely;
I would agree that Potter currently seems to be the closest to SW in recent times, though. But we'll need another 20-30 years to be sure.
I think you two have convinced me that HP currently has the closest cultural impact rather than LOTR. Yes each book for HP has had major buzz and lines outside bookstores as well as people dressing up to goto the movie premieres.
It'll be interesting to see how Rowling, her publishers, and WB manage Potter over the decades to come.
Well it's not like the 8 HP films can be remastered to 4k or 8k UHDTV. The VFX were rendered and the digital intermediates were done at 2K resolution.
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