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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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That part made perfect sense to me. Watching this girl was taking resources away, and if she was determined to kill herself, it was GOING to happen. No one can watch her 24/7, she'd find a free moment. This was just focring the issue, the 'shit or get off the pot' moment. Either she does it, and the group can stop wasting time and manpower, or she realizes she wants to live, and it's over.
I hope you would think differently if it was someone from your family that wanted to commit suicide.
I hope you realize we're talking about surviving in a zombie-infested wasteland, and she's not considering suicide because her boyfriend broke up with her. Think we can discuss this just fine in the framework it's in without trying to add more drama and appealing to emotion to attempt to win an argument that's not even happening, thanks.

And since Andrea basically was in the same place herself at the end of Season 1, I'd think she's pretty well qualified to make a call on this one.

In this new reality, they can't afford to watch her forever, and there's no suicide watch to commit her to. If she WANTS to do it, it's GOING to happen. Andrea was just forcing the choice. Once she backed down from going through with it, that fixes the issue WAY faster than watching her for months and hoping the urge goes away, and nothing else goes wrong. The girl is now over it, and wants to live, and came to that on her own.

Sink or swim, i suppose.
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