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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

"The Visitor" was so great. Who knew the guy from the Candyman movies could make you tear up like that? I've always loved the father-son relationship between the Siskos. I believe Avery Brooks has been interviewed and said a lot of what you see on the screeb between the characters is the very real bond between him and Cirroc Lofton because he does consider Cirroc a surrogate son.

Regarding the most recent episode, I do like Odo schooling Worf. I was never a huge Worf fan but I like (mostly) what DS9 did with him. Worf and Odo are very similar in some ways, but they are also different enough to make their interactions interesting. I think later on in one episode there's a really great scene between them where they basically discuss how to be anti-social and discourage visitors. Always amuses me.
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