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No doubt there will still be bugs (I haven't seen an RPG yet that didn't at least get up to a 1.3 patch within the first six months) but hopefully they're not game breakers.
Dragon Age II is only on v1.2 (on consoles). It needs a 1.3, but EA is too cheap to pay for it.
Pretty sure it got up to 1.3 on PC. No idea why it would be any different for consoles.

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Didn't mind the live action trailer, it had it's moments. Though I just gonna say, how much would it take to get Vanderloo to shave his damn head again and throw him in that armour? We all know EA has deep pockets, I'm sure someone thought of doing it. I mean, he has aged a bit but I still think he could pull it off. Just don't give him any speaking lines and we literally have a live action "John Shepard".
It's funny you should say that because given Sheppard's rank, he should be about Vanderloo's age
I'm certain that the fact that they didn't use him is a pretty good indication that for some reason (be it budgetary, scheduling or the guy just not being interested) it just wasn't feasible.
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