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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

The usual failure rate for pilots is over 50%, but last year, I remember that for whatever reason, sf/f pilots had an usually high survival rate. Maybe because they're competing for slots with a large number of cop shows and sitcoms, which are really competing with each other for "the cop show slot" or "the sitcom slots."

We could very well see most of the network sf/f pilots go to series. The ones most in danger have "ABC" after their name - there are simply too many ABC genre pilots. The other networks have been more circumspect. NBC also has several, but they'll have a schedule to rebuild again next season.

What's striking about that list is that FOX only has one pilot on it, and it's animated. Where's their new crop of live-action sf/f shows? There's no way they're bringing back Fringe, Terra Nova and Alcatraz. I wouldn't be surprised if they axe them all. Are they so traumatized by the ratings, that they've given up on the genre altogether?
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