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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

We've ripped off enough British stuff here in the states that it shouldn't bother me, but the synopsis of Wired sounds exactly like Beautiful People.
It's rare when I run across a TV pilot synopsis that doesn't sound like a ripoff of something else. Anything that's not a cop show in sci fi window dressing is good news. (Dead Beat definitely sounds like the overexposed type of sci fi.) And of course both Wired and Beautiful People are going over Caprica's territory...

In the Deadline comments section, one of the posts claims that Wired is a show originally in development for Showtime. Speaking of Showtime, when are they going to get off their butts and do a sci fi series (ditto to HBO).

Never heard of Beautiful People
We've been discussing it in this thread. Maybe this is a good time to do a synopsis of all the genre shows that have gone to pilot.
But trends in the entertainment industry still seem to be becoming more and more homogenized. American Sherlock? Multiple Beauty and the Beast shows? Fairytale shows, robot shows, vampire shows.
I can't remember anytime when copycatism wasn't the order of the day in the entertainment biz. It's probably because it's a hit-driven business where nobody is really confident they know what will sell, so they latch onto whatever seems to be the Next Big Thing. I just wish space opera would be the object of an intense wave of copycatism. It would be awesome to have a dozen space operas on at once, all on different channels and vying for our attention.
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