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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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There's a b-plot on the station where Worf interferes in Odo's investigation into something or other and in this case my thesaurus has provided the word "agreeable" as an acceptable alternative to "pleasant". Sisko's little speech at the end felt a little too much like a mission statement for the show, but overall it was a nice story about Worf struggling to fit in.
This episode actually comes right after WotW in production order and I prefer to watch it that way whenever I do a rewatch, since this Worf struggling to fit in B-plot is the logical follow-up to his joining the crew in the previous episode. Same reason I prefer to watch "A Man Alone" in production order (right after "Emissary") since a lot of B-material feels like stuff that there wasn't enough room for in the pilot (introduction of Rom, Keiko establishing the school, Sisko and Dax catching up, etc.) Oh, plus it makes for better Kira hairstyle continuity, since it's sort of transitioning from the longer "Emissary" style to the shorter season 1 style here.
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