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Just booted up ME2 last night in an attempt to get my Adept Shep closer to lv30 for the import (poor thing was all the way down at lv23) and I noticed that the in-game Cerberus News is back up!

I missed a few but luckily it turns out to be the same stuff that's being posted on that twitter feed I linked to before. Some interesting stuff already; most recently the Batarian homeworld has gone dark. One assumes that means the reapers have hit there already. Makes sense given the events of Arrival. There's also mention of the prothean tech on Garvug that was revealed in that months long story they played out back in 2010. A possible side mission for ME3 perhaps?

Oh, and there's a new live action trailer out too.

Didn't mind the live action trailer, it had it's moments. Though I just gonna say, how much would it take to get Vanderloo to shave his damn head again and throw him in that armour? We all know EA has deep pockets, I'm sure someone thought of doing it. I mean, he has aged a bit but I still think he could pull it off. Just don't give him any speaking lines and we literally have a live action "John Shepard".
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