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Re: Could we have an alien Captain?

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I think the next captain has to be female, since we've only had 1 such out of 5 (or 6 if you count nuKirk) and also of non-Caucasian ethnicity (Asian, Hispanic, Black, et cetera).

Another guy or another white is just... yeah, ridiculous. Make the first officer a white guy if you have to, but make the next captain a non-white female.

Ideally, I'd say make both the CO and XO non-white females. Maybe a human non-white female CO and an alien non-white female XO.

I dare say that at least a minimum of 4 of 9 of the crew female as well.

And FYI I'm a whiter-than-snow man saying this. More females, more ethnicity, damnit. We're not in the stone ages anymore!

Frankly, the next Trek series shouldn't have more than a maximum of 1 white guy and 1 white gal on the whole regular cast. We've got Indians and Latinos and Asians and Middle Eastern and black and so on and so forth. Lets see 'em, even if they're playing aliens!

Oh and... yeah, after the snubbing of the 90s? They need two gay characters, one male and one female. Minimum.

Serious on all of this. They need to go the extra twenty miles on diversity next time.
How about a navigator with down syndrome and a dwarf as the engineering officer while we are at it?
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