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I am working on a new version of the Constitution class using the blue prints from the official Enterprise A Deck Plans.
That would be good, that ship was very easy to get lost in due too its size and the fact that most of the rooms were empty and unlabelled. Some doors and signs would make it much easier to navigate. I went looking for a 1:1 Constitution class after seeing the Yogscast video of that smaller one, but there didn't seem to be any around back then. I'm glad someone has taken on the task.

Over the last few days I've been playing Vechs' Kaizo Caverns map and it's making me seriously paranoid. There are pressure plates everywhere. Most of them don't do anything but about 5% of them set off traps, from simple land mines to devious contraption that cause creepers to fall on your head. The other day I was innocently mining coal when the whole wall blew up in front of my face. Vechs is evil.
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