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I could see TNT doing a sober, tasteful, artistic and serious take on another Trek pre-prequil with a more 2001/The Right Stuff kind of approach assuming there's another Arther C Clarke out there willing to call his thing Star Trek and have it used as a possible back door pilot. Problem with that is the loss of power and control. GR was kicked off of TOS third season so what hope would any showrunner/recreator have of maintaining creative control under such a greedy umbrella's shadow saturated by predatorial hired guns and the slick suits that hire them to do their dirty work?
Let' see, maybe because TV productions are very different in 2012 than they were in 1970. Matt Wiener seems to have no problem staying on Mad Men. Or maybe because a young eager producer just wants to get his show made.

But hey, corporations are evil, so please continue your mindless babbling to bash everything they touch.
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