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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

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I also remember watching a few episodes of an animated series, Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century in which the preserved body of Sherlock Holmes is revived and rejuvenated in order to take on a clone of Moriarty. He teams up with Lestrade's female descendant, as well as a robot who develops the personality of Watson having had its memory uploaded with Watson's journals.

As TV Tropes put it, not to be confused with Sherlock Holmes in the 21st Century.
Never heard of that, but before the 22nd Century show, there was a backdoor pilot 2-parter in Filmation's BraveStarr called "Sherlock Holmes in the 23rd Century," in which a freak time warp at Reichenbach Falls sent Holmes into 23rd-century London, where he teamed up with an alien Dr. Whitson and a tough female descendant named Mycroft Homes, and found himself battling the original Moriarty (voiced by Jonathan Harris!), who'd had himself cryogenically suspended.

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Sound slike good old-fashioned "We've really got nothing new to say, so lets stir up some free word-of-mouth by changing the sex of a major character."
Or maybe they just know their target demographics. A lot of CBS cop/detective shows pair strong male and female leads, or at least have teams with prominent female members. That's what their audience likes to see. And remember, when they remade Hawaii Five-0, they cast Grace Park in the role of Kono, who was a heavyset man in the original show (which was the second time Park was cast in an originally male role, the first being Boomer on BSG). And the Five-0 remake also changed the governor character from male to female.

After all, most of us realize this is the 21st century and don't insist on drawing some kind of absolute dividing line between male and female roles, and thus wouldn't see this as in any way shocking. Seriously, do you have any idea how much gender-swap cosplay there is these days?

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I have nothing against Watson being a woman, couldn't care to be honest. But is it actually necessary to do a modern-day take on Sherlock Holmes for American audiences? We already have Sherlock, and that's readily available on DVD for Americans who are interested.
I always think it's nonsensical when people question creative choices in terms like whether it was "necessary." What the hell does that even mean? You could argue that any work of fiction is "unnecessary" in the strictest sense, so it's kind of a hollow criticism -- and frankly a disturbing one, smacking of a Soviet-realist type of mentality where only art that serves some approved function is allowed to exist.

But do I think it's valuable to explore new variations on the Sherlock Holmes premise? Hell, yes. Any truly timeless, classic idea can be reinterpreted and updated to fit new cultures and eras, to speak to new audiences. If "Pyramus and Thisbe" could spawn Romeo and Juliet which in turn spawned West Side Story, then yes, it is valuable to update and reinvent great stories. Frankly I'm surprised it took as long as it did for someone to try remaking Holmes as a modern character. He's been transported into the present or future in a few adaptations, but always as the same Holmes who originated in Victorian times. Actual attempts to reinterpret the character from the ground up have been surprisingly rare. And now it seems we're getting a spate of them in quick succession -- first House, which is a loose modernization of Holmes (and based just as much on Doyle's inspiration for Holmes, the brilliant diagnostician Dr. Joseph Bell), then Moffat's Sherlock, and now this.

Naturally there's no guarantee that any given modernization or updating is going to be great, but that's exactly why it is worthwhile to try it multiple times, to improve the chances that you'll get some really good ones out of it. Frankly this one does feel like somebody wanted to knock off Sherlock but homogenize it into a CBS-style procedural, but if we say these guys can't try it, then that might inhibit the next creator who actually does find a really fresh and interesting way of doing it. Or, for all we know, this version may turn out to be good after all.
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