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Re: First Born (February 2012 Challenge Entry)

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Thank you very much.

I wanted this to be a bit of QL in reverse - they end up putting something wrong, when you get down to it, although it's for (semi-) noble reasons.
Yeah, it is a sort of QL in reverse. I'd never thought about how temporal agents deal with their unusual jobs on a personal level, how that affects their lives. I guess it's natural for them to occasionally become more attached to the people they meet than their mission would allow. I'll have to say, though, your Agent Daniels is quite the ladies man, and across the ages, no less!

jespah wrote: View Post
Plus, yes, Carmen's meant to have a fairly short attention span (but not necessarily Al's fantastic wardrobe).
Well, it's not like Starfleet allows much room for developing a fashion sense like Al's. Although, that would be interesting to see. Trip's Hawaiian shirt comes to mind right about now.
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