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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?


I counted them all.

And this is before I was told about cutting and pasting, I manually transcribed from 170 episode listings to make a master list of writers, and 70ish is as close to the actual number as i can remember 10 years later.

It took me hours.

Of course some scripts are attributed to as many as 6 (RETROSPECT!) writers (and Berman, he was rubber stamped on every script because he owned the scripts and fixed the punctuation.). IMDB only lists actors/writers if they made more than one episode in the main parent list, and even so, there are 30 names listed as contributing to at least 2 Voyager Scripts.


according to wikipedia unless I ####ed up, which I probably did...

Andre Bormanis
Andrew Price
Anthony Williams
Arnold Rudnick
Bill Dial
Bill Prady
Bill Vallely:
Brannon Braga
Bryan Fuller
Chris Abbott
Clayvon C. Harris
Dave Long
David Kemper
David Zabel
Dianna Gitto
Eileen Connors
Evan Carlos Somers
Gannon Kenney:
Gary Holland
Geo Cameron
George A. Brozak:
George Elliot
Greg Elliot
Harry 'Doc' Kloor
J. Kelley Burke
Jack Klein
Jack Monaco
James Kahn
Jean Louise Matthias
Jeri Taylor
Jessica Scott
Jimmy Diggs
Joe Menosky
John Bruno
Juliann deLayne
Karen Klein
Kenneth Biller
Larry Brody
Larry Nemecek
Lisa Klink
Mark Gaberman
Michael Perricone
Michael Piller
Michael Taylor:
Mike Sussman:
Mike Wollaeger
Naren Shankar
Nicholas Corea
Nick Sagan
Paul Brown:
Phyllis Strong
Raf Green
Rich Hosek
Richard Gadas
Rick Brman
Rick Williams
Robert J. Doherty
Robert Lederman
Robert Picardo:
Robin Burger:
Ronald D. Moore
Ronald Wilkerson
Scott Miller
Shawn Piller
Sherry Klein
Skye Dent
Steve J. Kay
Tom Szollosi

68 human beings exactly had writing credits on Voyager.


IMDB thinks that gene Roddenberry has a writing credit on 170 episodes of Voyager.

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