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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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The Visitor (*****)

TL;DR. Was too busy admiring Kira's new uniform.

Seriously though, there are several things I like about The Visitor, most notably the performances....
1.) Avery Brooks. For a guy who is known to over-act, he manages to curtail it in this episode, even when the script easily lends itself to such over-the-topness.
2.) Cirroc Lofton and Tony Todd. Jake is required to cry on cue no less than four times here. Each time the actors hit it just right. Never once does it feel forced or artificial.
3.) Nana Visitor. Even though she only has two scenes, the one with her mothering Jake in the absence of any biological family really impresses me. It shows that Kira is more than just a hard-ass.

This episode definitely deserves the five stars.
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