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Re: Does It Get Better???

Just one more fricking reason that this show should have been called Odyssey.

In myth, Odysseus heard that the Sirens call was hot. Super sexy. You know like an unbelievable high. Down side is that the sirens call makes you want to crash your ship on the rocks by their home so that you can get it on with these sexy b'tches. So when approaching their territory, Odyssesus had his crew tie him to the mast so that he couldn't get out and do the ship some harm, and had his crew muffle their ears by stuffing them with cabbage so that they couldn't hear the sirens call and do the ship harm either.

So Odyssesus got off. probably the best "sex" of his life, and his poor crew just had a usual shitty day at work... AND their ear canals reeked of cabbage for probably the next month.

What an ass.

They should have taken turns being tied to the mast and gone backwards and forwards zigzagging past the Sirens home until the sirens figured out that their music was being stolen and they should just shut the fuck up because they were being used by assholes who didn't believe that their intellectual property deserved reimbursement for use.

Homer beat Napster to the punch by 3000 years.
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