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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

I came close to crying but did not shed a tear, so I guessed I passed the 'manhood' test. This episode hast to be the DS9 version of The Inner Light, I'm not sure which is best; this episode or The Inner Light. But boy what a story! Tony Todd is just amazing with his acting! Plus Kira in the new uniform!

I think this episode is more emotionally moving, and even though its a A to-lot of stuff happens-back to A again episode, it is one hell of a story. Jake Sisko's character may have been underused in this series but he was the main attraction in this episode! Truly gripping from beginning to end, and that is rare for Star Trek episodes, especially the mushy ones. Somehow this episode transcended above all the trappings of mush and drama.


And here is a musical score to get you in the mood of this episode:
Star Trek: The Approaching Shadow...

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