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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

You Will fail rambled...

It also confused me that of all people, it was Jeri Taylor who thought getting rid of Kes was the best decision
Second best. Garret had a fricking immunity idol.

If Garret had any dignity, he would have told them to go &^%$ themselves and just left.

This is how my ears would have heard Brannon explaining how close Kim got to the breadline to Wang.

"Hello garret, we want to fire you, we really think you suck and you deserve to live in a gutter, if we could make sure you never work in this town again we would, and we probably will after the series finishes, but the stupid assholes in marketing tell us that we can't fire you. I mean, I only want to fire you, Rick over there wants to break all your fingers... but anyhooo, since we can't tie you up in a sack and drown you for being tiresome and incompetent, and where the hell are the teen magazine covers calling you a heart throb, you are useless... but since we're giving you a pass, which in no known universe you deserve, you are so fucking lucky. Some times I see you, and I gun my engine a little, just imagining the sound of my wheels running over your half dead body powdering your bones... But fortunately since we got all this hate and venom and disgust to expel on someone, anyone really, and you're not available, you jammy bastard, I'm going to go over to Jennifer's trailer an give her exactly what you deserve, and exactly what I so want to give you, a swift death to all your hopes and dreams. When you see her crying Garret, and you will see her crying, just know full and well that I didn't do that, you did, she's an innocent little blonde thing and with in a year Jennifer is going to be a street walker and you're to blame... You can save her from the bum fights, it's in your power Garret. I can't fire you, but you can quit. Quit for me Garret. Quit for her. Quit and save Jennifer. She's not strong like you, only you can stop her life turning into a colossal mound of turds, only you can save her tears and deep psychological and abandonment issues... Or, you can just be an asshole and watch her get get shit canned in the face. Admit it, you have no human feelings inside you whatsoever? You're a monster Garret Wang! A monster! I despise you and the hole in your soul where your empathy should be!"

(Um. Actors don't have dignity. They have Agents.)
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