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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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Frak me, that one looks good. Then again, for 1500 bucks it really should look that good.

Pics when you get it. Pretty please? *puppy eyes*
Yep, along with the Serenity I also got. It will just be awhile, though. I won't see either of them until I get back from Korea.

End of the year? Getting one of THESE... a reward for paying off my last credit card. The Abramsprise will be for the following year, after finally retiring my college loan.

Gotta give myself incentives.

Just when I wonder whether I spend too much on clothes, comes this healthy reassurance that everyone has their niche interests they splash out on that few else would understand.

Actually, I never wondered about it. But I like to pretend I do, to salve my conscience...
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