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Re: "The Squire of Gothos" Line-by-Line

TRELANE: Oh come now. We're all military men under the skin. And how we do love our uniforms.

(Trelane is admiring himself in his mirror when he spots DeSalle raising his weapon, and with a wave of the hand, stops him)

TRELANE: What an interesting weapon you've got there. Do let me see it.

(He takes it out of DeSalle's hand, and he can move again)

TRELANE: Yes. Now let me see. How does this work? Ah, yes. This won't kill, and this will.

(He fires it at the Salt Monster, who is disintegrated)

TRELANE: Oh, how marvellous! (destroys another exhibit) Devastating! Why, this could kill millions.

(Kirk takes it off him)
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