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Re: Star Trek: DTI: Watching The Clock Review Thread

Perhaps the term speculative is better than science or scientific as you'd used here:

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scientific concept in it. "Tuvix"'s powerful ethical and personal dilemma couldn't be told without the science-fiction conceit of a technology that can combine two people into one. Without the science, the story wouldn't even exist.
It's the speculative concept, the "what if" two people are merged that's important. I was confusing the "science" as it exists within the reality of the show and the "science" as it exists in the real world, which is an entirely different thing. I thought you were saying that the only way this story could be told is by using a "scientific" explanation when you were actually sating it was a speculative explanation, although one that had a "scientific" basis within the show. Am I getting warmer?
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