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Re: Star Trek: DTI: Watching The Clock Review Thread

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I'm sorry Christopher but I'm not buying into the idea that merging two people has some sort of scientific basis.
For the umpteenth time, THAT IS NOT THE POINT!!!!! I'm not talking about scientific accuracy where "Tuvix" is concerned. I never have and never would hold up "Tuvix" as an example of scientific accuracy. Indeed, it's one of the most ridiculous, nonsensical sci-fi premises in ST history. So that was NEVER my point, not even remotely. My point is not about science, it's about character. My point is that the sci-fi concept enabled a character story that could never have been told without it. My point is that you're wrong to treat character and speculative content as mutually exclusive, conflicting goals. I've told you that over and over again and you're just not listening.

You've shown a willingness to learn how to communicate better, but you haven't yet learned that the most important part of communication is listening -- stopping to think about what the other person is actually saying, and setting aside your own preconceptions long enough to hear it. Too many people on the Internet -- and in life in general -- never learn that basic skill. If you're not able to listen to anything I have to say, then I have no reason to want to talk to you at all, because I'd just be wasting my words.
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