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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

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Just because she wore a skintight catsuit and had big boobs didn't mean she wasn't an interesting character. Seven was a breath of fresh air to the show, we got someone who was actually standing up to Janeway and providing desperately needed conflict in the show. And the story of her assimilation as a child, and how she grew to accept her humanity was arresting and interesting if not executed in the best manner.
In Season 4 the Seven character had potential. But for Season 5 onward Seven turned into a whiny brat who always needed pampering. If she didn't get her way then she would throw a temper-tantrum.

Seven reminded me of Eve and that line she said in "Mudd's Women' about how the miner wanted his wife to be. With Eve it was funny, but with Seven it got old real quick.
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