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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

Everyone watched the Oscars instead?

Pretty good episode tonight, though one that really didn't resolve anything...except maybe that blonde girl...who was annoying.

Why they hell were they cutting themselves? Rick is getting nutzoid. Walkers are going come to the fence regardless. I notice in movies and tv people cut their hands, too. Just cut the one of the most used parts of your body...great idea. Why not the soles of your feet, too?

A pike or sorts would be better, you have to get close with a knife, you don't want to get close to walkers.

The punk kid is an idiot. "I know Maggie" = "Kill me!" Shane is right, not cuz his ruthlessness is always correct, but because that kid is too stupid to deserved to be saved.

Lots of cast members were absent tonight, didn't afffect much...but it noticable.
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