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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Just finished watching The Way of the Warrior and I noticed a few things:

1. Not only was everything spruced up, but even the colours and image quality was. You watch The Adversary and there is almost a little blur to everything whereas with The Way of the Warrior everything was razor sharp. It looked like a movie for Godsake!

2. Klingons happen to be the best race ever! Full of passion, violence and madness!

3. Worf so fitted in to everything!

4. This felt more like an ensemble cast here and not just two or three characters getting the lime light. There was a curious balance of screen time for both the main and secondary characters.

5. Space battles; are finally done justice and you get to really see just what the consequences of all the intrigue of the first half of this episode amount to.

One amazing episode and you could argue it is five stars because it sets a standard for all future Star Trek episodes and movies. Truly awe inspiring and after three seasons a real gem like this (not forgetting The Die is Cast; the original precursor for all the awesome episodes to come) was worth the wait.
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