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Re: What franchise has had the closest cultural impact since Star Wars

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An idea popped up in another thread entitled
Re: Is 'Mass Effect' "The Most Impt. Sci-Fi Universe of Our Generation
in which The Lensman essentially asked what
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the closest cultural impact to Star Wars since Star Wars.
His answer was
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The "next Star Wars" was Harry Potter.
While I disagree as it was first a series of novels aimed at children and then 8 Hollywood feature films based on those movies I instead think that
The Lord of The Rings trilogy of movies in the 2000s (and including The Hobbit films in 2012) were instead having a closer cultural impact to Star Wars since Star Wars 1977-2005 films were released. Technically a Lord of the Rings film even came out in 1978.
The Lord of the Rings 3 volumes of novels were Published 21st of July 1954 and October 1955. The films came out between 2001-2003. The Hobbit films come out 2012 & 2013 and are a prequel to the Lord of the Rings story.

What do you guys think as far as franchises and the biggest and cultural impact? No not a list of the top 5 or top 10 but your choice for the biggest.
I think most would agree the likes of Star Trek and Star Wars have had a cultural impact, as has DW to a certain extend. Since Star Wars though, the obvious answer would be Harry Potter. LOTR came out before SW and I'm not sure they've had as big a cultural impact as the ones listed above.

To me cultural impact means to a certain extend it has become imbedded into society. SW along with other films from around that time basically created the summer blockbuster type film.

As for ST, phrases like "beam me up scotty" as an indication of incredability. Dhey don't show emotion or use logicescribing someone as Spock like, to mean they don't express emotions (that often or use logic). You can use a phrase like "It's not exactly warp drive" and people will know what you mean.
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