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Re: Non Trek Fic: Quinn's Code (A Daria AU)

Geekery at the Mega-Mall - Part 4
Back at Cuter Computer, Quinn and her entourage had gathered much software and hardware. “Have you got everything yet?” Xavier asked when a packet of 1 GB USB flash drives fell of the pile of stuff he was carrying. He put the pile aside and picked the packet up before hefting the pile again.

“Almost,” Quinn said as she took a copy of Age of Empires III off the shelf.

“Were going to need a trolley,” Wolfgang said.

“We'll find the Walmart and borrow a trolley from there, after we're finished here,” Quinn said.
“Great!” Xavier said.

“Here it is, Angejarni,” Sandi said, having located the Fashion Label's store on D Moss 2.

“Why are we here?” Stacy asked.

“Sta-cy, Angejarni is, like heavily featured in Waif,” Sandi said.

“Let's browse,” Tori said. Tiffany followed her in.

“Come on Stacy,” Sandi said.

Stacy sighed and followed Sandi into the store.

Daria and her friends found Book by the Ton, which was larger than an usual outlet of that chain.
“That's a large bookstore!” Jane said.

“Come on, I'd rather be here than anywhere else in the Mall,” Daria said.

“Sure,” Jennifer said. They went into the bookstore.

Quinn, Xavier, Wolfgang and Koichi left Cuter Computer, with the three boys carrying most of the hardware.
'Great! Why did I have to pay nearly a hundred dollars for a share of Quinn's stuff?' Xavier wondered. He saw that the three of them had paid for just over half of the price of the computer equipment. 'I hope she pays it back...'

“Right, the Walmart should be in C Orange Four,” Quinn said as they started moving away from the store.

“That doesn't sound right,” Wolfgang said.

“Oh?” Quinn asked.

“It was something else,” Xavier said as he thought.

“I think it was B Amber Five,” Wolfgang said.

“Or was it D Tangerine Three?” Koichi said.

“One of those. Look for that general shade of color, then for the number,” Quinn said.

“I think the shade of color is multiple floor spanning,” Koichi said.

“Then we will look for the number and then the shade of color,” Quinn said.

“That will work,” Xavier said.

As they left the vicinity of Cuter Computer they didn't notice the Fashion Club coming out of Angejarni in the other direction...

Guy exited the fashion label store carrying all of the Fashion Club's purchases (although he had noticed that Stacy had bought the least stuff). 'Why can't they carry their stuff themselves?' he asked himself.

“Where are we going now?” Tori asked.

“I'm sure there are other label stores here, Let's look for them,” Sandi said.

“Suurrre,” Tiffany said.

“Okay!” Stacy said.

“A great idea, Sandi,” Tori said.

“Absolutely,” Sandi said.

Daria, Jennifer and Jane met Mack as they left the bookstore.
“I thought I would see if there is a large business section,” he said.

“And you got the coupon,” Jane said.

“There's that too,” Mack said.

“I didn't see any, but then I only looked at the fiction, history, music and philosophy sections,” Daria said.

“Oh,” Mack said.

“There is one there, I found it as I looked at the Computer section,” Jennifer said quietly.

“Thanks,” Mack said.

Jennifer gave a small smile.

'Of course,' Daria thought.

“Let's find Sissor World,” Jane suggested.

“Sure,” Jennifer said.

“See ya's,” Mack said as he went into the bookstore. Jennifer waved.

They soon found said store, and found that it was a hair salon.
“This is unexpected,” Jane said.

Jennifer walked up to the counter.

“You got here just in time,” one of the hairdressers said. She looked at Jane and Daria “You're almost in time.”

“I have this coupon,” Jennifer said, shyly as the hair dresser started leading her to a chair. “But I just wanted a pair of scissors,” she objected.

“We don't sell scissors, we cut hair. Which show?”

“What?” Jennifer asked, slightly confused and starting to back out. 'This isn't good,' she thought. She wanted out of the situation.

“Which TV show do you want your style from? Most of our clients go for a sitcom. Personally I think you would look good without your hair over your face.”

“Um, I like my hair the way it is!” Jennifer said. 'I don't want a cut here, in an unfamiliar place!' she thought.

“Keep your scissors away from her hair,” Daria said.

'Thanks, Daria.'

“She means it,” Jane said.

“I could just style it. Choose a show and I will style it that way.”

“Have you heard of Sick Sad World?” Jane asked.

Jennifer frowned. 'Not a good idea, Jane!'

The hairdresser frowned. “I saw an episode once. It was just too weird!”

“That was scary. Although it was nice of her to exchange the coupon for cash,” Jennifer said after they had left Sissor Wizard.

“My stomach is grumbling. Let's participate in the food court traffic pattern,” Daria said.

“Sure,” Jennifer siad.

“Sure, then afterwards we can find out what a Doo Dad is!” Jane said.

“Certainly,” Jennifer said.

Daria's stomach grumbled loudly.

With Wolfgang pushing a Walmart trolley full of computer equipment, Quinn and her friends approached one of the food courts for lunch. “How many outlets are there?” Xavier asked.

“Too many,” Koichi said.

“Not sure,” Quinn said.

Daria, Jane and Jennifer went to the end of a line in front of a take away pizza outlet.

'Wait a minute, that short haired redhead looks familiar,' Jennifer thought. She quickly tapped said redhead on the shoulder...

Quinn felt someone tapping her on the shoulder. She quickly turned around to find Jennifer, with Daria and Jane standing behind her. “Uh, oh.”

“Well. What an unexpected opportunity for sibling bonding,” Daria said.

“I'm going to be sick,” Quinn said.

“Is that, like, a family thing?” Jane asked.

“What's that Quinn?” Wolfgang asked.

“It's my sister and her friends.”

“Oh, the sophomore Economics class field trip,” Xavier said.

“ You knew about this?” Quinn asked.

“Yeah, sorry,” Xavier said sheepishly.

Quinn turned back to Daria and her friends.

“Sorry,” Jennifer said.

Quinn gave her a smile, showing that she had no hard feelings towards her.

“I'm sure Mom and Dad will be really pleased to hear I ran into you. Here at the mall. On this lovely school day!” Daria said flatly.

“State your terms, Daria,”

“It's weird. The only thing I can think of is more of our download allowance,” Daria said.

“You wouldn't!” Quinn said.

Daria smirked.

“You would.”

“There is an alternative,” Daria said.

Quinn sighed. “What is this alternative?”

“I wouldn't mind taking it easy around the house for a month,” Daria said.

“That seems a bit exorbitant,” Jennifer murmered.

“It does, doesn't it. A month, Daria?”

“Or you can just never set foot inside a mall for the rest of your sorry adolescent life. And a ride back to the Suburban hell known as Lawndale would be appreciated too,” Daria said.

“Oh really?” Quinn asked.

“Uh, oh,” Jennifer said, backing off. Jane, Xavier, Wolfgang and Koichi backed off also as the Morgendorffers began to argue about their deal for never mentioning the trip to the Mall of the Millennium at home...

After five minutes, Daria and Quinn came to an agreement. “Here's the deal, I will do most of Daria's chores for a month, She gets an additional 20 megabytes a month and we will take her, Jane and Jennifer back to Lawndale with us,” Quinn said.

“It'll be a tight squeeze, but we can manage it,” Koichi said. He looked at the equipment. “Even with the equipment.”

“Has to be better than the bus,” Jane said.

Jennifer gave a small smile.

“I certainly won't get sick,” Daria said.

“Well, well. If it isn't like, the Geekendorffer!” Sandi said as she approached, with the rest of the Fashion Club behind her.

“Of course she would be here!” Quinn said. “Murphy's Law and all.”

“Uh, oh!” Jennifer said, remembering the happenings at the coffee house.

“I see you skipped school too!” Sandi said.

“Only for today,” Quinn said with a hard edge to her voice.

Sandi looked at the trolley filled with equipment. “Only you would like, go to a Mega-Mall for computer equipment,” she said.

“I'm sure others would!” Quinn said in retaliation.

Sandi stepped closer to Quinn. “No they wouldn't!” Sandi said.

“I would,” Jennifer said.

“What did, like, Burnout Girl, say?” Sandi asked.

'Not a good idea, Sandi!' Wolfgang thought.

Jane and Tori stepped back further and Stacy ran off to a nearby table.

“I hate that name!” Jennifer exclaimed.

“She said that she would also go to a Mega-mall for computer equipment,” Jane said.

“None or your business anyway,” Daria said.

“Whatever!” Sandi said. She turned her attention back to Quinn “Now, Geekendorffer, tell me why you think that you can be popular!”

Quinn glared at Sandi “You already know that. My whole side of the debate at the Coffee House!”

Sandi stared at Quinn.

Quinn stared back.

“This is going nowhere,” Tori said with some exhasperation.

“Oh really, then perhaps you can ask her, as President of the Fashion Club!”

“No Sandi, I wouldn't replace you, but this confrontation is going nowhere,” Tori said.

Jennifer timidly moved beside Quinn in a show of support. Wolfgang also moved next to her.

Sandi glared at Jennifer, who, after a few seconds, ducked behind Quinn.

Jane quickly replaced her. 'You are not getting away with what you'r attempting,' Jane thought as she added to Quinn and Wolfgang's stares upon Sandi.

After approximately four minutes Sandi and the rest of the Fashion Club left the food court. “Why are weee leaving?” Tiffany asked.

“After failing to make the Geekendorffer see sense, I like, decided to leave, and try again at a different time,” Sandi said.

“That's not what I remember,” Stacy said. Sandi glared at her. “Eep!”

'She's right, Sandi!' Tori thought.

“But I'm still hungry,” Tiffany said.

“Tiffany, dear, one good thing about a Mall the size of this one is that there are like, multiple food courts,” Sandi said.

'Thank goodness,' Stacy thought.

“That was strange,” Jennifer said as she watched the Fashion Club and Guy leave.

“Don't worry about it,” Daria said.

Jane turned to Quinn. “Where do we meet before we leave?” she asked.

“D Lavender Five, it's close to the secondary entrance,” Quinn said.

“You got that?” Daria asked.

“There's nothing to it,” Jane said.

“Easy to remember,” Jennifer said.

The two groups then got their lunch before going their separate ways.
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