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Re: Best and Worst Villains in a Comic Book Movie?

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Now you're against that?...

You haven't read a lot of FF comic books have you?

Dr. Doom? The Latverian super scientist with an army of superpowered robots at his command and "SDI" style defenses surrounding the kingdom? That Doom?
The answers.

Working with Reed on his project to do something comprehensible and historically significant is one thing. Working for the government under Reed to beat out some guy they don't know anything about is something else entirely. The government wouldn't put his girlfriend and her brother on the payroll and he'd have enough problems hiring Ben, as most scientists don't need bodyguards, not being Iranians. Without Sue and Johnny it's not the Fantastic Four.

Read Fantastic Four as a kid from about six issues in up until the early Seventies. Reed wasn't obsessive about offing some dude, he was obsessive about scientific discovery. Reed was never some maverick cop gunning for the serial killer, nor was Sue some Roman wife encouraging her husband to go forth and conquer.

The US government isn't going to subcontract murder to an absent-minded nepotist because they feel so inadequate when faced with Doom's might. Nor frankly does it seem very probable they could even grasp the supposed threat.
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