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Re: Best and Worst Villains in a Comic Book Movie?

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If Reed is getting intelligence from the government, he's not the independent guy, he's some sort of agent.
Which is, even if true, completely irrelevant to whether the family dynamic exists.

Furthermore, Reed working with the government is not something I came up with. It was always there:
  • When the government threatened to cut off its partial funding of the project, Reed elected to embark on an immediate test flight. Ben opposed the idea, warning that the ship's shielding might prove inadequate against intense forms of cosmic radiation. Nevertheless, Reed persuaded his old friend to serve as pilot. Sue and her adolescent brother, Johnny, insisted on accompanying the would-be history-makers. The four stole into the launch facility, boarded the starship and blasted off in pursuit of scientific glory. They intended to travel to another star system and back, but a solar flare temporarily boosted the intensity of the ionizing radiation in Earth's Van Allen belt. Cosmic rays bombarded the ship's cabin, irradiating the four passengers and slagging the controls. Ben was forced to abort the flight and return to Earth.

And his girlfriend, her brother and his best friend are not going to be his posse on the government dime.
Hold on. You were going on about the movie and the family dynamic therein but in that movie, the four all worked together. Now you're against that?

Furthermore, the government is a lot more likely to allow Sue and Johnny to be hanging around if they are actually employed on the project.

Nor do I understand why best friend, girlfriend and her brother hang with this obsessed dude with the mystery motivation to go into space/negative zone. Kind of dysfunctional.
Yes, because families are never dysfunctional or loyal when maybe they shouldn't be.

To me, Fantastic Four is all about the functional.
You haven't read a lot of FF comic books have you? Ben and Johnny bicker constantly and physically fight. Ben often resents Reed for what happened to mutate him and Sue and Reed have broken up several times, in part because of Reed's obsessive nature.

Incidentally, wouldn't the US simply try to murder Doom with a drone or an exploding cigar or some such? Why screw around with Reed at all?
Dr. Doom? The Latverian super scientist with an army of superpowered robots at his command and "SDI" style defenses surrounding the kingdom? That Doom?

It's a question of priorities apparently. I think the family aspect is more important ...
And, again, I changed about nothing about their family status. Reed is still the obsessed scientist (only now he's obsessed with stopping Doom, instead of beating the commies [comic books] or capturing the cosmic rays [movie]), Sue is still his girlfriend, Johnny Sue's brother and Ben the best friend.
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