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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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I don't think a six-part arc would have worked for it. For one, TPTB obviously weren't ready for something of that magnitude. Second, six parts might have been pushing it. I think a three part episode, which the show had already done, would have been more suitable.
Can I haggle you up to a four-parter and we'll call it a deal?

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Wow, that is hilarious
What struck me about that video was that in a few clips Worf's suggestions were the right course of action but Picard summarily dismissed them for being too hostile. Some of those episodes would have been much shorter had Worf been captain.

Worf was one of the better characters on TNG, but in episodes that didn't revolve around him there was an tendency to use him as an example of regressive thinking so that Picard and the others could look more enlightened. I don't remember that problem cropping up much on DS9, but I am wearing rose-tinted glasses.

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I never felt that season 4 drifted because so many of the episodes were so damn good. Perhaps at the end of this season you might mathematically bump into this fact and validate it TheGodBen.
From what I remember season 4 was the first truly consistent season of DS9, so I imagine it will get a good score. But at the same time, nothing much happened. WOTW shook things up in a big way but the rest of the season played it safe, even Homefront/Paradise Lost reverted back to the status quo by the end of the story. Small elements of the story changed, such as Dukat's private little war against the Klingons and Eddington joining the Maquis, but the political landscape remained largely unchanged. Seasons 5, 6, 7, and arguably 2 & 3 did a better job at advancing the meta-story.
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