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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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In the end, this episode probably did too much too quickly. So much happens in this episode that it probably would have been served better by an arc similar to the one that started season 6. The Cardassian government falls, the Klingons declare war on the Cardassians, the Federation's alliance with the Klingons breaks down, and Worf is introduced, all in a two-parter. It works, but it shakes up the status quo so violently that the rest of the season is almost a let-down for sticking to the new status quo. It's a ginormous event episode in a season that otherwise lacks them. Spreading the wealth over a couple of episodes might have been a better way of going about things.
I personally season 4 was more coherent than season 3, and nearly every episode of season 4 was a pleasure to watch (which I've never found in one season of TNG or VOY). The writers explored with more subtle points and added flesh to all the secondary characters, while keeping the intrigue up. I never felt that season 4 drifted because so many of the episodes were so damn good. Perhaps at the end of this season you might mathematically bump into this fact and validate it TheGodBen.
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