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Re: Best and Worst Villains in a Comic Book Movie?

If Reed is getting intelligence from the government, he's not the independent guy, he's some sort of agent. And his girlfriend, her brother and his best friend are not going to be his posse on the government dime. Nor do I understand why best friend, girlfriend and her brother hang with this obsessed dude with the mystery motivation to go into space/negative zone. Kind of dysfunctional. To me, Fantastic Four is all about the functional. Incidentally, wouldn't the US simply try to murder Doom with a drone or an exploding cigar or some such? Why screw around with Reed at all?

It's a question of priorities apparently. I think the family aspect is more important and accepted the lamer Doom in the movies, and enjoyed them because they got the family right. . If the cool villain is more important the Fantastic Four movies are complete losers. This is pretty obvious and not much else to say.
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