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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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It's a truly hilarious delivery from Auberjonois: "you're going to hit them with a box?"
Yeah, the delivery is so good that it remains funny even when you know the lines by heart.

As to the Kira/Jadzia scene, I agree that it adds a different layer to their friendship than we really see elsewhere.

One downside to seasons three and four, imo, is that the writers are understandably expending a lot of effort on making the Starfleet characters (especially Sisko and Bashir) interesting, as that had previously been a problem, to the point that Kira, who is easily the show's most interesting character in the first two seasons, loses a bit of her edge and fades into the background. Doesn't really matter in the long run because she becomes a focal point again starting in season 5.

What you do see happen in the middle seasons, which is not very... scintillating in the short term, but which is productive in the long run, is the writers' exploring, like in these scenes with Jadzia, the idea that this traumatized person now has a comfortable life. So, in a sense, while it's a galactic crisis for everyone else, it's actually the most relaxing existence that Kira has ever had.

So, that's interesting.
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